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World class speakers and researchers have been the hallmark of each IFHI conference.

Current faculty for IFHI 2013:
  • Peter D'Adamo, ND, MIFHI
  • Mitch Stargrove ND, LAc, MIFHI
  • Lori Stargove, ND, MIFHI
  • Jody Noe, ND, MIFHI
  • Jared Skowron, ND, MIFHI
  • Jonathan Treasure, MNIMH, MIFHI
  • Tom Greenfield ND, DO, MIFHI
  • Jaqueline Greenfield ND, DO, MIFHI

Past faculty have included:
  • Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D
  • David Bove ND, MIFHI
  • Andrea Cayea, RN, MIFHI
  • Walter Crinnion ND, MIFHI
  • Peter D'Adamo ND, MIFHI
  • Cheryl Deroin ND, MIFHI
  • Tom Greenfield ND, DO, MIFHI
  • Bronner Handwerger, ND MIFHI
  • Emily Kane ND, MIFHI
  • Dina Khader RD, MIFHI
  • Erika Klus D. Pharm, MIFHI
  • Thomas Kruzel, ND
  • Gregory Kelly ND
  • Ginger Nash, ND, MIFHI
  • Gerhard Uhlenbruck MD, PhD. MIFHI
  • Ryan Partovi, ND, MIFHI
  • Joseph Pizzorno, ND
  • Mitchell Stargrove, ND, MIFHI
  • Dr. William Mitchell, ND