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Personalized Medicine Teaching Shifts

Under the supervision of Dr. Peter D’Adamo and the COEGM staff physicians the Personalized Medicine Shift seeks to tailor dietary programs to an individual’s unique biochemical needs. Over the course of your visit, COEGM naturopathic interns under the direction of Dr. D'Adamo input the results of physical measurements and laboratory tests into computer software written by Dr. D’Adamo that prints out a detailed diet report complete with meal planner and recipe guide.

The COEGM Teaching Shifts are an excellent choice for prospective patients who enjoy working in a group environment and participating in the education of tomorrow's doctors. Because it is an educational shift, fees for appointments on the teaching shifts are kept modest and affordable. This makes the teaching shifts an excellent choice for families and individuals with limited income. Patients who wish to be seen as a direct private patient of one of the COEGM staff physicians may instead wish to consider scheduling as a private patient.

To schedule an appointment, contact The Center of Excellence by email or by phone: 203 366-0526. When calling, please identify yourself as a prospective teaching shift patient.

A full work-up by the Personalized Medicine Teaching Shift lasts about 90 minutes. The new patient visit includes all necessary testing, all biometric measurements and dermatoglyphics, urine testing, and body composition analysis. Followup visits are usually 45 minutes long. Supplements, if prescribed, are in addition to visit cost(s).

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