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Jeff and Andrea's Visit

Andrea Cayea, RN, MIFHI

I have been nagging my husband Jeff to go to the doctor for a few months, he is very well at the moment but he has never had his cholesterol or blood sugar checked. Even though he tries to eat right I still feel it is important to have a blood work-up as a measure of his wellness. For months we were going back and forth about it, he just wouldn't commit to a time nor to a particular doctor. That was when Dr. D'Adamo mentioned on the forums that he would be working with some students at the University of Bridgeport, for $120 dollars you could see him his team of students. When I mentioned this to Jeff it was without hesitation that he said, "yes".

So Friday September 11th we headed up to Bridgeport for Jeff's well visit. As an added bonus my friend Claire joined us and had her own visit with the students and Dr. D'Adamo.

We arrived a few minutes early to the Health and Sciences building of the University campus. We waited in a very nice lobby that looked like the school had recently spent money on remodeling. In a few minutes a white coated student came down to personally welcome us. I was delighted to find that it was Julia, a woman my husband and I had met at the IFHI conference in June. She took us up to a well lit doctor's exam room with an exam table covered in white paper and plenty of chairs. Two more students Ann and Kia, greeted us in the room. They wasted no time in starting to gather data for Jeff's SWAMI. Ann took out her centimeter tape measure and began measuring Jeff"s head while Kia started asking him about his medical history and Julia kept track of all the information that was flying around the room. I was very impressed with how they worked as a team each participating equally but none taking the others role. They did a very thorough job of taking his history and when they didn't feel that he fully answered their questions they would gently prod him for more information. One particular issue that Kia kept asking about was what is called a trigger finger. For several years Jeff's fingers have been sporadically locking in place when he uses a knife or performs other tasks that require him to bend his fingers at a certain angle. He then has to pull the finger back into place, it is both painful and annoying. I just thought it was part of his body aging and any normal doctor would simply think the same, but we all know this was no normal doctors visit.

Once Ann completed the measurements she began to use two machines, one to test Jeff's breathe hydrogen and an electrical bio impedance monitor to measure ratios of fat, water content and a whole slew of other numbers about his body mass. I was glad that he did not test positive for hydrogen in his breath this meant that he did not have any signs of bacterial overgrowth in his gastrointestinal tract. The bio impedance monitor showed that he was overweight but well hydrated.

Once the physical exam was over they brought us to another room to wait for them. They then disappeared for a bit to meet with Dr. D'Adamo and go over Jeff's information to develop a plan.

A few minutes later the students accompanied by Dr. D'Adamo entered the room. Dr. D'Adamo greeted us warmly then grabbed the colored marker for the white board and like Harold with the Purple Crayon outlined a plan for O Gatherer Jeff. The prescription was some vitamin supplements to take care of his trigger finger, rosacea, and overall wellness. He also included a weekly exercise regimen of 30 minutes cardio and 15 minutes of weight training three times a week. The white board is a good idea because he moves fast, and I think if I didn't know anything about the Genotype Diet I might have missed some of what he said. Thankfully Julia was busy recording everything just incase we missed some important piece of information. He spent a few minutes answering some simple questions that we had and then was out the door to meet with the next patient, Claire.

The whole time Dr. D'Adamo was at the white board the printer was spitting out pages of Jeff's SWAMI. When it was done the team of students presented us with two binders one with Jeff's SWAMI and one filled with recipes. We were also told that in a week Ann would be calling Jeff to inquire about how the whole "Plan" was progressing.

Julia then escorted us downstairs to the lobby to make a follow-up appointment in three months to check on Jeff's progress.

When I arrived home I immediately ordered the supplements Dr. D'Adamo had prescribed. I think Jeff was most excited to hear that his trigger finger may disappear with daily use of one of the supplements recommended. I am anxiously awaiting them to arrive so he can begin this healing process .