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Becoming a COEGM Patient

For an Appointment, Please contact:

Barbara Shola
203 366-0526
115 Broad Street
Bridgeport CT 06604 USA

An individualized approach to the patient is a key to unlocking many of the latent healing powers of the body. It allows the physician the ability to treat the patient, not the disease, a tenet of healing wisdom as ancient as its source, the great physician Hippocrates. Under the guidance of Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo shift patients enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge research and treatment while also receiving compassionate care and support.

Dr. D'Adamo working with a student clinician.

Whether you are interested in improving your health by refining the techniques described in Eat Right 4 Your Type, The GenoType Diet or plan to use our resources to assist you in fighting a chronic disease, The Personalized Medicine Shifts at the University of Bridgeport Health Science Center is ready to help.

Our facility blends time-honored natural healing techniques with state-of-the-art diagnostics and proprietary software personally written by Dr. D'Adamo to develop a genetically tailored diet specific for each patient. We take special pride in the level of follow-up care and support provided to our patients. We have an extensive network of referrals to other health professionals if needed. Our dispensary features many unique and personalized formulations which have been designed specifically for our patients. Our goal is to treat our patients as we ourselves would wish to be treated. We accept only as many patients as allow us to maintain our standards. Most major health conditions and all age groups are seen.

A prospective COEGM patient can choose to schedule an appointment with our cost-effective teaching shifts or elect to develop a direct one-to-one relationship with a COEGM physician in private practice.

The COEGM is located right on the beautiful Bridgeport, Connecticut, just 1 hour and 20 minutes from New York City and the metropolitan airports. Naturopathic medical services in Connecticut are covered by most major medical insurers. Please check with your provider.

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