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I think that your teaching about what you do, or, more to the point, how you see, is great good fortune for medical students. You serve your patients -- and the broader community -- by applying novel theories and innovative clinical approaches. Your ability to think broadly and deeply is so remarkable. The thought of your sharing and exploring with students in an environment of support is invigorating. New generations of naturopathic physicians would be fortunate to have direct exposure to your research and clinical practices taught by one unusual and very experienced naturopathic physician who has grounding in historical natural approaches and clinical impulses that soar.

Cathy Rogers, ND
Past President, AANP

The proposal reminds me of our original plans for IfHI, the Institute for Human Individuality - to bridge naturopathic nutrition into the 21st century. The current scope of personalized medicine appears restricted to individualizing drug regimens to enhance response and minimize adverse events. Clearly the most powerful expression of a personalized approach to health care requires that individuals eat foods that are beneficial and limit those that are injurious. Your work pioneered the clinical application of human polymorphisms, and I wholeheartedly agree that a Center like the one you outlined is the logical next step for a naturopathic medical school to take. I regret that geography and time limited your availability and constrained our ability to fully manifest such a program here at SCNM. Your work at UB affords the University a golden opportunity to lead the way in naturopathic nutrition and establish a new paradigm for treating patients that integrates science and human individuality. You are the most qualified person I know to lead such an endeavor. The Center will be a gem for UB and a gift to the entire naturopathic profession and for patients worldwide. If the curriculum committee needs additional information from me, please ask them to contact me at any time.

Paul Mittman, ND
President, SWCNM

I am very pleased to hear that the Committee is considering the above Center of Excellence. I am even more pleased that Peter D'Adamo is being considered to lead this project. Nutrigenomics and personalized medicine are, in my opinion, at the cutting edge of the future of Naturopathic healthcare. You are indeed fortunate to have Dr. D'Adamo, who I consider the world leader in the clinical implementation of nutrigenomics on your faculty. I believe that this will elevate The UB program to the forefront of personalized medicine, the medicine of the future.

Robert Lang, MD

I am completely in support of the idea of creating a Center of Excellence in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Medicine at UB. What a unique opportunity to develop both educational forums and research in the area of biochemical individuality! And to have Dr. Peter D'Adamo as the head of the project means that the Center will have credibility from the start. Not only do I support the idea, I would be one of the first to participate in any way that I can.

Donielle Wilson, ND, CPM
President, NYANP

I think that a department of nutrigenomics would be an invaluable addition to both the UB curriculum and the wider naturopathic community. I have become a better doctor and served my patients better by incorporating Dr. D'Adamo's work into my practice. He is a tireless worker and I have no doubt that his leadership in this department would create an incredible environment for learning and excellence.

Ginger Nash, ND, MIFHI

No other practitioner has personified the naturopathic concept of "personalized medicine" as much as Dr. D’Adamo. As our naturopathic concepts continue to be adopted by the larger medical community they lose the "personalization" core. This degrades both the effectiveness of the therapy and the perception of our profession. There is no doubt a need for a center where the personalization emphasis of naturopathic medicine is defined, refined, represented and presented as "our medicine". I hope that Bridgeport Naturopathic School will become that center.

Steven Nenninger, ND

A UBCNM Center of Excellence would powerfully advance and consolidate naturopathic medical education on these subjects as well as clinical practices, policy, and scientific research. Such a Center is a great answer to the old question “how do we make naturopathic education more naturopathic”? This is a powerful answer- by teaching the science behind our concepts such as holism, individualization, intergenerational wellness, miasm theory, the effect of environment and natural systems on the health of this generation, and the next. Students will love this, and be better doctors for it. I would hope and recommend you be in the forefront, heading this project in collaboration with UBCNM's excellent leadership team. Your long expertise and leadership in the field has already brought so much to naturopathic medicine; you are uniquely qualified for this role, among us. In my estimation, there is no one else in the field who can do what you can do, to lead such an endeavor successfully. I believe you would have the full respect, support and confidence of our colleagues at UBCBNM and the profession.

Pamela Snider, ND

As I have seen the emergence of 'personalized medicine' in the work of Duke's Chancellor Emeritus Ralph Snyderman, MD and others I have wondered that the naturopathic medical profession is not directly part of this movement in health care. The opportunity as I see it is in linking naturopathic medicine's historic low-tech personalized care with the high-tech genomic strategies that both crown and drive the concept in conventional medicine. Following 25 years of observing the work of Peter D'Adamo, ND, some as a close colleague, I can think of no better person to lead a center to galvanize the naturopathic medical profession's work in this area.

John Weeks
Past Executive Director, AANP

I'd like to vocalize my support for epigenetics education for our curriculum. Epigenetics is being researched more and more since the genome project has completed, and I believe 'personalized' medicine is part of our future. This can also be a pillar of excellence for UB and something prospective students will gravitate towards, when we are are leader in this.

Jared Skworon, ND

I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Peter D'Adamo. Peter is a rare combination of artist and scientist. He's a deep thinker, sees farther ahead than most anyone I know in our field, and is driven by an intense desire to make a difference. U of B would be well served to give him the leadership role in heading a project to a Center of Excellence in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Medicine. And such a center, I have no doubt, would be in a position to do much in advancing the practice of naturopathic medicine.

Rick Kirschner, ND

I have known Peter D'Adamo for at least 25 years. We served together on the original Board of Directors of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. In that capacity, as we were redeveloping our fallen profession, he took the task of developing our first peer-reviewed journal, and was the original editor and publisher of the "Journal of Naturopathic Medicine" back in the late 80's. This was one of the seminal tasks necessary to reestablish our profession. Since that time he has distinguished himself with the development of a unique and groundbreaking theory of therapeutic dietetics based upon lectin analysis and its genetics. He would be uniquely qualified to head the development of a Center of Excellence in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Medicine, a development that would be an important addition to naturopathic medicine, naturopathic education, and our continued progress as a profession.

Jared L. Zeff, ND

I first read "Biochemical Individuality" by Dr. Roger Williams (published 1954) in 1975 before entering Naturopathic medical school. Through my 30years in practice I have struggled with implementing practical and effective aspects of this perspective of treat the patient, not the diagnosis. The increased knowledge of epigenetic, phenotypic plasticity, intergeneration influences, classic genetic polymorphisms and bioinformatics demand our best attention in order to establish health care methods that improve both our individual health and the public health. I would like to support the University of Bridgeport in developing a Center of Excellence in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Medicine. I would also recommend and support Dr. Peter D'Adamo as a thoughtful and pragmatic project leader who has demonstrated the ability to create successful infrastructure. He brings a demonstrated vision to our biochemistry that is illustrative and predictive. “Find the cause” says the Naturopathic principle. I would support the establishment of a Center of Excellence in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Medicine.

Michael Cronin, ND